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Lighthall Vineyards

Lighthall Fence VQA Ontario 2020

Lighthall Fence VQA Ontario 2020

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Lighthall Vineyards is a small, proud, low volume and high quality winery located in enchanting Prince Edward County, Ontario, Canada. All their wines are produced in a non-interventionist manner and fuelled by passion as hearty as our vines. They also make cheese, designed to pair with their wines.

Lighthall's famous sparkling Pinot Noir, re-fermented using the Charmat method. A slight change in production method saw a little less skin contact and more whole cluster pressing, presenting a wine packed full of strawberry flavour and hibiscus aroma. Very crisp and fruity while still refreshingly dry, this wine matches exceptionally with spicy rosé sauce, sweet red bell peppers and cheese boards.

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