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Who We Are

Winebox is an indie online wine shop that gives Ontario wine drinkers unique access to the kind of boutique, small-batch and handcrafted wines they can’t find at the liquor or big-box stores.  

Most people think of the wine world as being traditional, historical and stuffy. But as restaurateurs, sommeliers and veterans of the food and beverage industry, we know that there’s a side of wine that most consumers never get to see: one that’s innovative, creative, headstrong and more than a little rebellious. We want to help push the boundaries and to do things differently in order to offer a better service, experience, selection and value for our customer.

We are committed to providing consumers with unique access to some incredible, "under-the-radar" wines that they wouldn’t normally have access to, produced by passionate, independent winemakers from all over the world. You won’t find these wines on big-box store shelves. But you will find them well-made, high-value and (most of all) incredibly fun to drink!


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