Collection: The Farm

“The Farm” is a 10-acre vineyard in Niagara’s Twenty Mile Bench, planted to Pinot Noir.  The Neudorf vineyard was originally planted with Pinot Noir in 2000 for Le Clos Jordanne and aptly named “La Petite Colline”, meaning “little hill”, a nod to the gentle slopes that permeate the plot. The project was led by renowned winemaker, Thomas Bachelder, now a close friend of the Neudorf family. The vineyard was farmed organically from the get-go, a decision that remains a pillar of the Neudorf approach and current winemaker, Kelly Mason.

The property is rooted in traditions of gathering family & friends, and where Peter and Dora Neudorf call home .

The cellar door opens once a year for guests to taste new releases, and enjoy live music and local food.