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This is a Winery-direct offer. Place your order before April 18th and receive your case of wine in 12 weeks. To reserve your case of wine you only need to pay a $50 deposit today, the balance will be invoiced on arrival.

At Radford Dale, winemaking is all about individuality. Just like the people who live there, the varieties they choose express the extraordinary array of terroirs that nurtured them – with little intervention. 
The Radford Dale group of wineries - Radford Dale, The Winery of Good Hope and Land of Hope - is led by a forward-thinking team who are leaders in chemical-free farming and low- or no-sulphur winemaking. They are a founding member of Premium Independent Wineries of South Africa (PIWOSA) which sets ethical, environmental and social uplift standards. Recognizing the social inequality present in South Africa, Radford Dale has set up the Land of Hope Trust to help facilitate bright futures for children, focusing heavily on education.
Every purchase comes with an invitation to a summer virtual tasting with NPW and Alex Dale from Radford Dale. Join with any bottle and learn what makes their wines special. 

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