Collection: Monmarthe

The Monmarthe family has been living in Ludes since 1737 and has been owning agricultural lands and vineyards. Yet the main activity of Sebastien Monmarthe and Leon Monmarthe is the provision of wines.

Everything changed in 1930 when Ernest Monmarthe decided to launch his own champagne, Champagne Ernest Monmarthe. Production was very low and agriculture was the main income of the family. Thanks to Leon Monmarthe and his wife Anne Marie, Champagne Monmarthe began a period of modernization and commercial development. In 1990, Jean-Guy arrives at the estate to take over the operation with his father. It also marks the arrival of new tanks and the opening of an export market.

Since the beginning, the Monmarthe family has been working heartedly to preserve its terroir, using treatments only when needed according to the different plots. Recently, the Champagne house has been awarded the Certificate of High Environmental Value for its whole vineyard. This distinction is given in tribute to the efforts and results got by Jean-Guy MONMARTHE and for the respect of his terroir.