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Emilia-Romagna, home to the well-beloved Lambrusco, is the gastronomic centre of Italy also known for balsamic vinegar, Prosciutto di Parma, Parmigiano Reggiano, and countless Michelin star restaurants. As gastronomy fans, we are filled with excitement to welcome Vitivinicola Fangareggi and Alberici, and present you the opportunity to purchase four very special Lambruscos from their private cellars to your kitchen counters, dinning rooms, and private patios.

Vitivinicola Fangareggi. Leading the winery is Matteo Fangareggi, who succeeded the family business founded by his great-grandparents in the 1800s, who were committed to using ancient viticulture methods and wisdom to manage their vineyards. Matteo's wines are hard to come by, and we are excited to secure two of his delicious Lambruscos for Ontario!⁠

Alberici Amilcare. Just when you think you are lost in the floodplains of the Po River in Reggio Emilia, you find Alberici's family farm, a bucolic land planted with rare old vines. Amilcare Alberici works alongside his daughter Adrianna, and together they craft fully organic wines, with very little intervention and lots of heart and soul.

This is a winery-direct offer. Place your order before June 26 and receive your case of wine in 10-12 weeks. To reserve your case of wine you only need to pay a $50 deposit today, the balance will be invoiced on arrival.

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