Collection: Cantina di Soliera

Cantina di Soliera is a cooperative winery and is part of an interprovincial group of wineries that boast a large and efficient production centre on the territory with a century of experience.

The group leader is the Cantina di Limidi winery, established in 1923, which then incorporated other wineries: Sozzigalli winery in 1957, Soliera winery in 1982, and Rolo winery in 2014. Today, the extensive wine-making activity involves the production of 25,000 tons of grapes.  

The Cantina di Soliera holds the record for the quantitative production of Lambrusco di Sorbara. For many years, a zoning project has been underway to extend the area of grape cultivation from the left bank of the Secchia river, a famous affluent of the Po, to the right bank, in accordance with tradition. The cooperative currently has 422 members, and the production facility displays historic photographs that attest to the past and present of the Cantina di Soliera. The true protagonist is Lambrusco, a wine whose authentic and extraordinary spirit brings together the cuisine, the people, and the traditions of this hospitable land of Emilia-Romagna.