Collection: Ca' del Monte

Ca del Monte is situated on the hillsides overlooking the village of Negrar, in the heart of Valpolicella. It has belonged to the same family for generations, and is now run by brothers Umberto and Giuseppe Zaconte. There’s nothing fancy about this place. The house and winery are modest - and are attached to a 17th century monastery.

The estate is approximately 50 acres, and its 15-65 year old vines lie on gentle slopes at 800-900 meters. They grow on four soils including clay, limestone, red volcanic soil with red stones, and “Toar,” a green volcanic soil. The vineyards of Ca Del Monte are planted with 20-40 year old vines of Corvina, Rodinella and Molinara grapes that are planted in poor soils that stress the vines and nurture the fruit. All of the farming is done traditionally and non-certified organic.