Collection: Aphros

Founded in 2002, Aphros is a project that combines ecological and economic aspects to create true sustainability. They believe that nature and labour should combine in a meaningful way, and they seek to capture this through Biodynamic viticulture, letting the uniqueness of the land shine through the fruit for inimitable wines. Loureiro and Vinhão have grown in these vineyards for centuries and serve as the reference point for the region.

The grapes are sourced from the Lima sub-region, and the vines of Casal do Paço are situated in a south-facing amphitheatre north of the Lima River on gentle slopes with cool Atlantic breezes.

Vasco Croft is the founder and visionary behind Aphros Wines in Portugal. Vasco is an architect by trade with a keen interest in art and philosophy. It wasn’t until he had a profound moment after sharing a bottle of wine with a Buddhist monk that he decided to start his wine project on his family’s property in Vinho Verde.

Today, Vasco and his winemaker Miguel Viseu are making beautiful wines in the basement of Vasco’s house and aging wines in their naturally cool and damp cave. Aphros’ viticulture is rooted in Biodynamics and sustainability while using minimal human intervention to capture the essence of the terroir.