Collection: Mylonas

The history of Mylonas winery dates back to the beginning of the 20th century. In 2000 the winery passed to brothers Stamatis and Antonios Mylonasa, a dynamic third generation and quickly after the release of the first bottling in 2006 it gained esteem and was recognized as one of the most upcoming producers in the Attica region.

The self-described ‘micro-winery’ of twelve hectares is situated in the red clay-limestone of Keratea, Attica and practices organic farming. This region has been the historical engine for bulk retsina production, and the dominant variety, Savatiano (Greece’s most planted by hectarage) has consequently suffered a poor reputation, but the Mylonas brothers’ beautiful old bush vines yield wines of true concentration, character, finesse, and pedigree. Working with old, non-irrigated vines, low yields and with great care in the winery using both modern and traditional techniques such as clay amphora, they manage to uniquely express the local terroir and the beauty of the Savatiano grape variety.