Collection: Casa Balaguer

Andrés Carull's family has been making wine in Alicante for decades. At a very young age, Andres already knew what he was going to dedicate himself too. However, a visit to Bordeaux in 2008 introduced him to natural wine; turning his winemaking passion towards this ‘old-but-new’ path.
The seed planted in Bordeaux in 2008 has has now blossomed into a personal project dedicated to producing stripped-back, honest wines that truthfully express his countryside, heritage and people.
Vibrant wines from living vines. Andres works exclusively with local grape varieties such as Montastrell, Garnacha, Garnacha peluda,
Rojal, Tortosina, Moscatel and Malvasía using nothing but fermented grape juice.
He farms the 20 hectares organically and biodynamically. Half of vineyards surround the town of Villena at over 600 meters above sea level and the other half are located in La Mata Natural Park right on the Mediterranean coast. Unfiltered, unfined, no sulphur added.

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